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Agreement for contractors to perform arboricultural services on City-owned street trees

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If at your own expense, you wish to have a private tree service company (contractor) perform standard maintenance on a City owned tree adjacent to your property, Urban Forestry requires that you submit a completed "Agreement for Contractors to Perform Arboricultural Services on City Owned Street Trees".

The agreement for contractors to perform arboricultural services on City-owned street trees is available on the City website

The agreement which includes Schedule "A" and the Certificate of Insurance, must be completed in its entirety by the property owner and the contractor as applicable. Each tree must be identified by species and size and the work that is proposed to be done must be clearly identified and described.

All Utility clearances as applicable must also be obtained by the contractor and provided to Urban Forestry Services upon request. Upon receipt of a completed agreement which includes a description of maintenance activities satisfactory to Urban Forestry Services and the required utility clearances, Urban Forestry Services may grant approval for the contractor to undertake the work.

The Urban Forestry Supervisor (or designate) will approve the work by signing and dating the agreement in the space provided. The property owner will be provided with a copy of the approved agreement as proof of leave to undertake the described work. The property owner and/or contractor must provide 48 hours notice to the Urban Forestry Supervisor prior to undertaking the approved work.

Criteria contractors must meet
The Contractor shall be qualified to perform all work in accordance with the City's latest standards and requirements and all other legislative requirements including without limitation, the Electrical Utility Safety Association Rules, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Highway Traffic Act and the Workers Compensation Act. The Contractor will prune trees according to the following general standards and he/she shall provide proof of Workers Compensation and proof of insurance in the form of the attached Certificate of Insurance (with an available limit of liability of not less than Two Million ($2,000,000) Dollars in which the City of Toronto has been added as an additional insured).

The City of Toronto assumes no liability for any damages or injury that may occur during, as a result of, or in connection with the work undertaken by the Contractor. Under an "Agreement for Contractors to Perform Arboricultural Services on City-owned Trees" the Contractor will indemnify and save harmless the City of Toronto from all claims for damages or injuries that may occur during this work.

To submit completed agreement

Please submit your completed agreement to City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry & Recreation by fax or mail to:

18 Dyas Road, 1st Floor

Toronto, ON M3B 1V5

Fax: (416)392-1915