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Bylaw enforcement - illegal dumping of garbage - debris - cigarette butts - on private property

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Municipal Licensing & Standards will ONLY become involved under the following circumstances
If the property owner (complainant) saw and can identify who did the illegal dumping and is willing to appear in court, they can file a complaint with the Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S) District Investigations Office and the matter will be investigated for possible prosecution.

In this situation, a service request for investigation by the Municipal Licensing & Standards can be submitted online at the City of Toronto's website, or call 311.

If the property owner did not see or cannot identify who did the illegal dumping, and is not willing to appear in court, ML&S will not become involved.

Under Toronto Municipal Code 548, the owner of property on which garbage has been illegally dumped is responsible for cleaning any refuse on his/her private property, and is expected to remove the garbage in a proper manner.

Any financial costs in removing illegally dumped garbage, is deemed to be a private civil matter.

If after receiving a written 3 day Notice of Violation the owner still fails to comply, the City of Toronto can remove the refuse/garbage using an approved private contractor and the cost will be applied together with a remedial fee to owner's municipal tax roll.

Illegal dumping into dumpsters on private property
ML&S recommends all private storage bins be lockable to prevent this from happening.

Under Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 548, it is illegal for another party to dump on your property. If the person is known or items in the garbage reveal the name of the offender, then enforcement action may be taken.

However, it is also the responsibility of the owner of the property to remove any garbage illegally dumped in your bin but if proven, any costs to you may be recoverable under a private civil matter.

For further information about Waste & Parks enforcement, visit the section on the City of Toronto website.