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Road and expressway closures - road restrictions - street events

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Gardiner Expressway - Jameson Ramp - The Jameson Gate to the westbound Gardiner Expressway is closed from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday.The gate can also be closed by Toronto Police at any time during an emergency situation or special event when the Police do not want traffic to enter the expressway at this ramp. For example, this can happen if there is a collision on the expressway or after a night event at the BMO Field.

Motorists who want to access the westbound Gardiner Expressway during the closure times can do so at the South Kingsway ramp via Lake Shore Blvd.

Gardiner Expressway - Lake Shore Blvd and Jameson Ave Ramp - The on-ramp eastbound Lake Shore Blvd and Jameson Ave is closed weekdays from 6 a.m to 9 a.m.

For further details on the Gardiner Expressway please see: Gardiner Rehabilitation Work

Construction resulting in road restrictions:

TTC - Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Transit Project - LRT - subway
TTC- Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) construction projects
TTC - Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Project (TYSSE)

Traffic related concerns due to construction
The City of Toronto is committed to public safety and in maintaining its infrastructure in an efficient manner. The City also recognizes that road repairs and closing any intersection for any length of time has a tremendous impact on all road users.

The City is in a difficult position of having to address its capital repair needs while dealing with growth and competing road use interests across the City. We work to adjust signal timings to allow for greater movement on other streets and respect the wishes of the community without heavy traffic by trying to divert traffic to busier roads. Moving the work to night time hours is applied where appropriate and feasible. There are numerous factors that are considered with respect to working at night time including the safety of the public as well as additional financial costs.

While the City sympathizes with commuters' frustrations in being delayed, we owe it to all road users to provide infrastructure that keeps transit moving and roads that are in better condition.

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