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Heritage Preservation Services

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The Heritage Preservation Services section of the City Planning Division is responsible for advising and assisting City Council, the Toronto Preservation Board, the community and property owners on the conservation of the City's heritage resources. This involves advising on matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act, reviewing and advising on development proposals which may affect heritage resources, monitoring and the maintenance of heritage sites, developing heritage policies, administering financial assistance programs and providing educational services.

Heritage Preservation Services works with four community volunteer groups:

  • Etobicoke York Community Preservation Panel
  • North York Community Preservation Panel
  • Scarborough Community Preservation Panel
  • Toronto East York Community Preservation Panel

and also the Toronto Preservation Board (volunteer-based). Heritage Preservation Services also manages the inventory of heritage properties and monitors the properties on this list.

Heritage Conservation Districts
The Ontario Heritage Act plays an important role in enabling a municipality to designate the whole or any part of an area as a Heritage Conservation District. This allows City Council to protect and enhance the special character of groups of properties in an area. The character is established by the overall heritage quality of buildings, streets and open spaces as seen together.

For further information on the designated heritage conservation districts and how they are designated, please go to:

For further information on Heritage Preservation Services, please visit their website at:

Toronto Preservation Board: ../08/101000043808.html