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False fire alarms - malicious - nuisance - fees - non emergency elevator charges - disputing Fire Services response charges

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Anytime Toronto Fire Services is dispatched to a call, they will attend. Homeowners/property owners/property managers/tenants/monitoring companies etc. are not able to "call off" a response even though they may believe the incident to be a false alarm, for example if the alarm is triggered in error or the incident is the result of a malfunctioning alarm. A fee may result, depending on the circumstances.

To report false alarms, contact Fire Dispatch

Nuisance or malicious false alarms
Beginning May 1, 2011 the City of Toronto has approved increasing the charge per vehicle to $410.00 per hour. In most cases, 3 vehicles are dispatched. In most nuisance or malicious false alarms incidents, the incident is resolved within the hour.

Fire alarm charges: TMC Chapter 441, Appendix B, Schedule 1 item 28

Non-emergency elevator charges
Unless demonstrated or a document medical emergency 2 trucks will be sent to a scene, the fee is $410.00 incl. tax for one truck

Disputing of Fire Services fees/charges
Toronto Fire Services Financial Services oversees the invoicing, reimbursement and cancellation of invoices.

To dispute a Fire Service fee/charges contact the Fire Services Financial Services team either by phone, mail, fax or e-mail

For further information on administration of fees and charges, please refer to the City of Toronto website.

There is technically no appeal process under the bylaw or Municipal Code. However, where there is dispute of the Nuisance or Malicious False Alarm fee, please refer to the process at the City of Toronto website.