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2012 Budget

City of Toronto
2012 Budget

On January 17, 2012, Toronto City Council approved a balanced 2012 Operating Budget of $9.4 billion and a 2012-2021 Capital Budget and Plan of $14.8 billion. The 2012 Operating Budget includes a 2.5 per cent property tax increase for residents, a 0.83 per cent tax increase for businesses and a 10-cent fare increase for TTC customers. Separate capital and operating budgets for water and solid waste services were introduced on November 10 and were approved by Toronto City Council on November 29, 2011.

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City of Toronto Services and Service Levels

View profiles of City Services for information on the activities, functions, and service levels of City programs.

Service Review Program

The Toronto Service Review Program will help the City Manager and Council to identify what services the City should deliver, how they can be more efficient and cost effective, and how we should pay for them.


Multi-Year Financial Planning Process

The City is establishing the basis for multi-year planning and service delivery to address the City's structural deficit.

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2010 Budget

2012 City Budget Summaries

Find out where money goes and comes from for each City program and service.

View the 2012 City Budget Summaries

Property Tax

Property taxes

The City's taxation measures are used to sustain and enhance essential programs and services that are vital for a prosperous Toronto.

Long Term Fiscal Plan

Long term financial plan

An update to the Long Term Financial Plan will be made to the Budget Committee on December 9, 2011. The updated plan will continue to support City Council's vision for a fiscally sustainable City

Toronto's long term financial plan

2010 Budget Summary

Previous budgets

City of Toronto's current and past Budget Summary Reports, reflecting the 24-hour / seven-day role that City government plays in protecting residents and delivering services.

Previous budgets

Everybody's Business

Everybody's business

City of Toronto's small businesses are now benefiting from changes being made to the City's property tax policies.

Enhancing Toronto's Business Climate - It's Everybody's Business