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The Property Standards Committee is a quasi judicial body appointed by City Council to consider appeals to orders issued by Property Standards Officers of the City's Municipal Licensing and Standards Division.

Orders are issued for violations of certain Ontario Building Code and municipal by-law standards for residential, multiple residential and commercial properties.

The Property Standards Committee is organized into four hearing panels corresponding to the City's four service delivery districts. If an order applies to a property that is located in the geographic area of more than one service delivery district, the appeal may be heard by any committee hearing panel responsible for one of the geographic areas in which the property is located.

The members of the Property Standards Committee attend an initial meeting to appoint a City-wide Chair and a Chair for each of the four panels. One of the key roles of the City-wide Chair is to act as liaison between the members and the Secretary of the Committee on matters of policy and process.

Committee members may also be called upon to serve as Fence Viewers, under the authority of the Line Fences Act, to arbitrate fence disputes between property owners (constructing, re-constructing or repairing). Fence viewers may hear evidence under oath.

The Property Standards Committee is a local board of the City. It has its own procedure by-law that governs the calling, place and proceedings of meetings. In addition, the committee conducts itself in accordance with the Statutory Powers Procedure Act and is also governed by the Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 629, "Property Standards".

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