Plans of surveys are on file with the survey firms that prepared them. An Ontario Land Surveyor is the only person who can confirm property boundaries.

If you wish to obtain a new survey of your property, contact a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor, many of which are listed in your local business directory or the internet under 'Surveyors-Land'. There will be a charge for any work they perform.

The City does not provide its surveying services to the public, nor does it have records (copies) of surveys for distribution to the public.

Other options are available, however a copy of a previous survey may not reflect the way your property is now, and may not be useful for legal purposes. The following sources MAY be able to provide you with a copy of your survey:

  1. The Land Registry Office may have one registered on title.
  2. The mortgage holder (bank, etc) usually requires one to give mortgages.
  3. A neighbour may have one that includes your property

What is a Survey?
A survey is a dimension plan of someone's property. This includes the property line locations, and dimensions. It also includes any fixed structures on the property (ie, buildings, fences, retaining walls etc).

A survey plan is a representation of the physical conditions of the site at a specific point in time and reliance on any survey plan should be done with caution, and with an awareness that physical conditions of any site can change with the erection of fences, building additions, and the passage of time.