Toronto's Human Services Integration (HSI) project is a multi-year partnership that is transforming the way in which services are delivered across three City income support programs.

The income support programs include:

  • Child Care Fee Subsidy (Toronto's Children Services)
  • Rent Geared to Income (Shelter, Support and Housing Administration
  • Ontario Works (Toronto Employment and Social Services)

The new Human Services website organizes information by topic, eliminating the need for users to navigate for information in various areas of the City's website.

A number of topics are available in a one-stop-shop location, including, but not limited to:

  • Children
    • Help with the Cost of Child Care
    • Help with Recreation Costs (Welcome Policy)
    • Special Needs Support in Licensed Child Care
  • Employment and Training
    • Ontario Works
    • Employment Services
  • Health & Well-Being
    • Help with Medical Costs
    • Ontario Works Medical/Health Benefits
  • Housing
    • Subsidized Housing & Housing Benefits
      • Housing Allowance Subsidies
      • Housing with Supports
    • Help with Utilities, Property Tax, and Repairs
    • Ontario Works Housing Benefits
  • Financial Help
    • Help with the Cost of Child Care
    • Ontario Works
    • Rent Geared to Income (RGI)
    • Dental Services
    • Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program
    • Funeral Expenses

The new website includes a Finder Tool that enables Torontonians to receive a personalized list of benefits, subsidies and services they may qualify for, based on a short questionnaire. The Finder Tool can be accessed at

In addition to providing information about services and eligibility, the website instructs residents on how to apply for services and subsidies and how to maintain these benefits once they receive them.