Public property is any government owned sidewalk, lane, street, boulevard, road or street allowance, right-of-way or parks.

There are different types of public property that are the responsibility of different City divisions, ABCC's and other levels of government:

  • City of Toronto roads, sidewalks, boulevards (a.k.a) road or street allowance are maintained by the City's Transportation Services division. This property is also referred to City property. When the term City property is used, it refers to the City's road allowance, it does not refer to any of the other public properties listed below.
  • City of Toronto parks are maintained by the City's Parks, Forestry & Recreation division
  • City buildings and the land surrounding these buildings (i.e. Metro Hall, City Hall, Water Treatment plants etc. are usually maintained and operated by the Facilities Management division. Some buildings and properties are maintained and operated by the division that uses the facility. Search the knowledge base for specific facilities.
  • Conservation areas (i.e. Tommy Thomson Park or the Leslie Spit) are maintained by the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
  • 400 series highways (except Highway 407) are owned and maintained by the province under the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Federal property (i.e. railways, Downsview Park. Rouge Park etc.) are owned and maintained by the Government of Canada
  • Municipal property and municipal parks outside of the City of Toronto are the responsibility of the applicable municipal government where these lands are located.

Private property is any land owned by individuals or corporations other than the government.

  • Highway 407 is privately owned and operated by the 407 ETR.
  • Commercial properties (i.e. banks, supermarkets, retail stores, malls etc.)
  • Residential properties (i.e. multi-residential, single-family homes, townhouses)
  • Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) properties - owned by the City of Toronto but is private, not public property. TCHC properties are maintained and operated by The Toronto Community Housing Corporation.