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Apply online for child care fee subsidy: application

Full fee childcare: application

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If you need assistance, information is available on City of Toronto website , or you can call 311.

My Child Care Account

For clients who are in receipt of child care fee subsidy must register for a  My Child Care Account which is an online service that provides families with a convenient and secure way to do business with the Toronto Child Care Fee Subsidy Office. This account will allow registered families to view and update their personal information using their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. 

Assistance in creating a My Child Care Account is available through an instructional YouTube video. If you experience any difficulties with your My Child Care Account, please call Human Services.


To apply for a child care fee subsidy, you must be employed, job searching, in school or in an approved training program. Even if you are not yet employed or in school, you may still apply to get on the waiting list. If you or your child has a special need, you may also qualify.

You must also live in Toronto. If the applicant does not live in Toronto, you may still apply, however, your address will not be collected and you will be placed on the waitlist as long as you will be residing in Toronto at the time of eligibility. If you do not live in Toronto and you are a City of Toronto employee you are eligible to apply. You will need to provide documents to verify residence in Toronto. Otherwise you should apply for subsidized child care in the region where you live.

To apply, you must submit the following mandatory information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Address
  6. Indigenous Self Identification
  7. Spouse/Partner personal information
  8. Most recent Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  9. Your child care choices. Your child can attend any child care program in Toronto that has a service contract for fee subsidy. You will be able to place your child on the waiting list for up to three locations when you first apply for subsidy

Families who have applied online and provided an email address will no longer be mailed the wait list confirmation letter. Instead, clients will receive a wait list confirmation notification by email. Additionally, these email notifications will provide families with their client file number and helpful information on what steps they need to take while remaining on the wait list. This new process is expected to commence on Thursday November 9, 2017.

Locate child care facilities using the Finder/Locator

Applying for subsidized child care before a child is born

The unborn child will be placed on the 'first come, first served' waiting list and you must contact your Caseworker when the child is born with the date of birth and the name of your child.

Extenuating circumstances

If you have been approved for a subsidy and still have difficulties making the subsidized payments it is recommended that you speak to your Caseworker about any extenuating circumstances that should be considered. It is a possibility that the decision can be appealed and reviewed by the Children's Services Appeal Committee. Your Caseworker can explain the process.