Ownership information is available through the assessment rolls and Toronto Property System available at Registry Service Offices.

Note: this information may not be current if ownership recently changed. The only way to confirm true ownership is by performing a title search at Toronto Land Registry Office

Property assessment roll information is NOT available over the telephone through the Registry Service Offices.

Assessment rolls list information on every property in the city:

  • description of the property
  • property owner's name and mailing address
  • current value assessment
  • propery classification
  • name of every residential tenant who is a supporter of a school board
  • school support of owners and tenants

Fees for copies of assessment rolls are as follows (effective February 1, 2013):

  • Screen Printout: $1.04 (includes HST, cash payment of $1.05) per address if mailed
  • Certified Copies of Assessment Roll: $20.73 (including HST, cash payment of $20.75)
  • Letters of Ownership/Tenancy: $10.36 (including HST, cash payment of $10.40) per letter

For access to the hardcopy of the assessment roll for the current year please visit the appropriate Civic Centre:

  • Toronto City Hall has a complete set of assessment rolls in hardcopy for each district.
  • All other offices have only their local district assessment rolls available (No hard copies available at East York & York C.C).
  • Scarborough C.C. has the hard copies for Scarborough & East York;
  • Etobicoke C.C has the hard copies for the former Etobicoke & York; and
  • North York C.C. has the hard copies for the former North York.

Toronto Property System
Self-serve computer terminals with assessment information on all properties in the City. These terminals are located in each Registry Services Office and at the East York Civic and York Civic Centres (outside council chambers).

N.B. Records are available for the current year and 5 previous years (only assessment values are 5 previous years) on the computers available at each Civic Centre. Records older than this are stored at the City of Toronto Archives.

Hard copies of the assessment rolls are received once a year (2nd week of December). The Toronto Property System (electronic version available at self service terminals in Registry Service offices) is updated nightly.

For more information, please visit the City's website.