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Counter wait times are posted online and reflect the average wait time for counters at each court site. The waiting times change frequently depending on the number of customers attending and the type of service requested. To view current wait times at each court site, visit the City of Toronto website.

You can challenge a ticket if you feel you are not guilty
If you intend to appear in court and plead not guilty, you or your representative must attend in person only at the court office shown on the back of your ticket within the times and days shown to file Notice of Intention to Appear (NIA) within 15 days of receiving an offence. Bring your offence notice with you.

Note: Court offices will not accept documentation for other court locations. To avoid delays, please be sure to deliver your documentation to the correct court office.

You can also consider asking for a meeting with a prosecutor to discuss the ticket before deciding you need to have a trial. See the back of the ticket for more information.

You can get your trial notice sent to your agent/lawyer by authorizing the POA court location, in writing, to mail the Notice of Trial to your representative.

You are not required to hire a lawyer or agent to represent you at trial. You may represent yourself.

Online forms are available on the City of Toronto website.

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