Note: Adults aged 18-64 on a government sponsored dental plan (Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program or Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations and Inuit) can seek the dental care/treatment that is covered under that dental plan at a private dentist or at any of the twenty-three Public Health dental clinics.

Individuals on Ontario Works (OW)
Children and youth currently receiving care from the programs listed above are still eligible for free dental services through the Healthy Smiles Ontario program. If you are on assistance, you will receive a dental card in the mail from ACCERTA. Additional information, including how to apply or re-apply to the new Healthy Smiles Ontario Program are available at the provincial website:

Children and youth (0-17) of Ontario Works recipients will be provided under the Healthy Smiles Ontario program, effective January 1, 2016. Healthy Smiles Ontario is a free dental program that covers regular visits to a licensed dental care provider, such as a dentist or dental hygienist. It covers a full range of preventative and early treatment dental services including regular check-ups, cleaning, fillings, x-rays and scaling. Accerta will manage this dental program for the province. For contact information regarding Accerta, refer to the provincial website:

Adults 18-64 are eligible for specific emergency dental treatments only. If you have a serious dental problem, visit a dentist or a TPH dental clinic and identify that you are receiving Ontario Works assistance.

Note: You must let your dentist know that you or your family are receiving Ontario Works, so that you are not charged for covered services. Employment and Social Services does not reimburse dental costs. You must also provide verification that you are on Ontario Works by showing your current month's statement of assistance and/or drug card.

The University of Toronto also offers dental services at a reduced cost.

Individuals on Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
For information on dental services available to you and your family members, contact your ODSP caseworker.