Information about the peace garden is available on the City of Toronto website.

The Peace Garden Inscription reads as follows
"The Peace Garden represents the desire of the people of Toronto for Peace among the Nations and peoples of the world. The structure in the Garden symbolizes shelter and community, and, with its incomplete roof, the vulnerability of our efforts to achieve peace, the Eternal flame is our hope; the water represents our faith in the renewal of life."

The inscription in the ground reads
"December 12, 1983. Toronto City Council approved the creation of this Peace Garden to be completed in our Sesquicentennial Year, 1984"

"March 5, 1984. The Right Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada turned the sod to initiate construction of this Garden"

"September 14, 1984. His Holiness Pope John Paul II kindled this flame with an ember from Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima and poured water from Nagasaki into the pool"

"October 2, 1984. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II dedicated this Garden as a lasting expression of Toronto's commitment to world peace"

Peace Garden (eternal flame) - maintenance
Maintenance issues regarding the Peace Garden need to be reported to the Building Operations Manager of City Hall. Reports can also be taken at the Security desk in the City Hall rotunda.

Event/wedding/ceremony at the Peace Garden
Permits are not issued for the Peace Garden.