Created in 2003, Public Safety Canada is responsible for protecting Canadians and helping to maintain a peaceful and safe society. Their mandate is to keep Canadians safe from a range of risks such as natural disasters, crime and terrorism. 

Public Safety coordinates an integrated approach to emergency management, law enforcement, corrections, crime prevention and border security.

Aside from the department, the Public Safety Portfolio consists of the following five agencies:

  1. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  2. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
  3. Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)
  4. Parole Board of Canada (PBC)
  5. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The three review bodies listed below are also part of the Portfolio:

  1. Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP (CPC)
  2. Office of the Correctional Investigator (OCI)
  3. RCMP External Review Committee (ERC)