To report illegal dumping on the road allowance, contact 311 to submit a service request.

Road allowance includes the sidewalk, boulevard, street or public laneway.

Illegal dumping: illegal dumping is the discarding of waste/materials where it does not belong and where there is no witness or suspect information as to it's origin.

Illegal dumping can include:

  • black bags, or kitchen catchers
  • large quantities of garbage
  • bulky items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc
  • investigation of a specific individual for litter
  • Deposit waste generated on private property in public street receptacles

Fouling the sidewalk may include:

  • food and oil (such as from vendors)
  • leaching from disposal containers/bags

The complainant must provide:

  1. his or her name and phone number (s),
  2. garbage location: address, if known, or the nearest intersection,
  3. nature of the complaint (for example dumping of paint cans in a laneway, garbage bags, fridge with doors etc.). Do not touch or disturb the garbage bags as they may contain hazardous waste.

If the complainant identifies the person who committed the violation ("I saw XY dumping garbage" or "their car plate number is XYZ"), they will need to attend Court to testify.

Individuals who report littering or dumping without any other evidence being found, except for reporting the licence plate numbers, MUST be willing to give Bylaw Enforcement Officers (BEO) their contact information and also submit a signed "Will Say Statement" as well as be available to attend court to give testimonial evidence on what they witnessed.

Reimbursement to citizens for the removal of garbage
The City cannot reimburse citizen for the removal of garbage from public property. There is no evidence of garbage dumping as the garbage was removed. The citizen is not to touch or disturb the garbage and wait for the MSO to investigate the scene and remove or arrange for removal.

City property vs. private property?
The property line can differ from property to property. Refer to your property survey to determine the street line. The rule of thumb is if the waste is at the curb- the issue is a Waste & Parks Enforcement issue. If the waste is beside the home/building or in the rear yard that the issue is a Property Standards Issue.

Neighbour placing excess bags of garbage in another neighbours garbage bin which is at the curb on City property
This is considered illegal dumping, however, the homeowner needs to have witnessed his/her neighbour doing this and be willing to attend Court, contact 311 to submit a service request.

If this is a report of loose litter or debris (loose paper cups, pop cans etc.) Please refer to: Litter or loose garbage on City property/laneway

If this is a report of an odd item that may have fallen onto the roadway (from a vehicle) e.g. a tire, piece of wood etc. please refer to: Debris on road - laneway

Additional information on Parks & Waste enforcement is available on the City of Toronto website.

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