Motor vehicle: Includes an automobile, a motorcycle, a motor assisted bicycle and any other vehicle propelled or driven otherwise by muscular power.  This does not include a street car or other motor vehicle running only upon rails, a power-assisted bicycle, a motorized snow vehicle, a traction engine, a farm tractor, a self-propelled implement of husbandry or a road-building machine.

Clearly audible noise from vehicle repairs, rebuilding, modifying or testing: 

  • Is not permitted from 9 p.m. overnight to 7 a.m. the next day, except until 9 a.m. on Saturday's, Sunday's and statutory holidays.

Motorcycle noise:

  • Cannot exceed 92 dB(A) from the exhaust outlet as measured at 50 cm, while the motorcycle engine is at idle.

Unnecessary Noise:

  • Such as engine revving and tire squealing that is clearly audible at the point where the sound is heard, is not permitted.

If you have a concern, consider speaking with those responsible for making the noise to give them an opportunity to correct the issue. If this approach does not work, contact 311 to submit a service request.

Note: Bylaw Enforcement Officers do not have the authority to stop vehicles on city streets as this comes under the jurisdiction of the Toronto Police Service under the Highway Traffic Act.

In situations such as the stationary repairing of vehicles at a business or residence, a Bylaw Officer can commence a noise investigation.

For more information, visit the City of Toronto Noise webpage.