Unreasonable and persistent noise

Unreasonable and persistent noise is not allowed at any time.  Bylaw regulations by type of noise can be found on the City website. Note: The noise has to be both unreasonable and persistent to be an offence. 

Unreasonable noise is any noise that would disturb the peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of a reasonable person.  It does not include commonplace household or workplace sounds such as furniture being moved, children playing or people engaged in conversation.

Persistent noise is any noise that is continuously heard for a period of ten minutes or more or intermittently over a period of one hour or more.

If you have a concern, consider speaking with those responsible for making the noise to give them an opportunity to correct the issue. If this approach does not work, contact 311 to submit a service request.

For more information, visit the Noise webpage.

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