As part of the Taxicab Passenger Bill of Rights, taxicab passengers have the right to a quality taxicab which: is in good mechanical and physical condition, has a clean passenger area and trunk, is heated or air-conditioned on demand, has easy access to seatbelts, is a smoke-free environment and is equipped with a meter that issues receipts with date, time, distance, taxi license number and fare.

As part of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, a vehicle for hire is required to permit a guide dog to travel in the taxi but is not required to transport other types of pets or animals. The bylaw does not indicate a requirement for service to passengers traveling with pets. The taxi companies, however, are encouraged to allow pets to travel in the taxis as part of the customer service they provide.

Bylaw 546 does not indicate that a taxi company is obligated to follow up with a caller once they have requested a taxi. The individual taxi companies may have Customer Service procedures that require them to do so but you would have to contact the company in question directly to determine that information. The taxi companies, however, are encouraged to notify their customers if they will experience a delay in pick-up, as part of the customer service they provide. ML&S Mobile Businesses Enforcement cannot investigate this complaint as there is no violation of the bylaw.

Right to Refuse Service
A vehicle for hire is not permitted to refuse a fare based on limited distance unless the area is in a remote place which the driver reasonably believes to be unsafe. A taxi driver may also refuse service if the potential passenger failed to pay once before or if they are unduly obnoxious or abusive.

Discounted - negotiated fares
Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 546 sections 19-22, there are provisions that allow rates other than that on the tariff card. Brokers can offer negotiated rates for fare outside of the city, discounted rated with fares booked directly through the broker and/or surge pricing based on bookings through a mobile app.

Hailed fares are metered and non-negotiable. The driver must start the meter at the beginning of your ride and stop it when you reach your destination on rides that are hailed from the street.
Do not use a taxi that does not have a meter - they are not a licensed cab. Taxicab rate and fares are listed in Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 546.
Fares from GTAA Pearson international Airport are regulated by zone and are non-negotiable. For a pre-approved flat rate, please ask the driver for a rate sheet.

1- 4 Passengers:

  • For the first 0.143 km or part thereof: $3.25
  • For each additional 0.143 km or part thereof: $0.25
  • For waiting time while under engagement, for each 29 seconds: $0.25
  • For each additional passenger in excess of four: $2.00

Note: An additional fee may be charged for the use of debit or credit card. If the meter is not on, the ride is free. Meter rate will apply if less than flat rate. As per Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 546 - 23(B), when the passenger enters the taxi cab the meter must be turned on. If for any reason the passenger must exit the vehicle, the meter remains on and every 29 seconds the meter adds $0.25 to fare price.


  • Wheelchairs, including loading and unloading by driver is no addition charge.
  • Charges for trunks and other items not covered by this tariff shall be agreed upon before commencement of the trip

Document or Parcel Delivery

  • For delivery of any parcel, document or thing where no passenger is carried - minimum charge per trip: $10.00

Accessible taxis: Toronto has approximately 600 wheelchair accessible taxicabs that are available through licensed taxicab companies. Taxicab companies can be called directly to book an accessible taxi.

Licensed accessible taxicabs are required to charge the exact same fare as non-accessible taxicabs. Surcharges for mobility devices are not permitted.

More information on taxis may be found on the City of Toronto website.