Notice: This service is currently suspended while the City responds to COVID-19. we are only accepting requests where  there is an immediate risk to health & safety. Please contact 311 Toronto for these requests.

In rental units, under Property Standards regulations (Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 629 (6), tenants are responsible for keeping their own balcony free of pigeon droppings.

Under Toronto Municipal Code 629 (6) Occupants duties: Every person who occupies property shall:

A. Maintain the property in a clean and sanitary condition;

There are no City bylaws which prohibit any individual from feeding any wild or domesticated birds or animals.

On private property Municipal Licensing & Standards will only investigate if the issue is relating to a coop that is being kept in the yard and is not at least 3.1 metres from the neighbour's yard or 15 metres from a building wall.

If you wish to file a complaint about unsanitary conditions (ie.pigeon droppings etc.) on a multi-residential balcony, or a pigeon coop on private  that does not meet requirements identified above, contact 311 to submit a service request for investigation by Municipal Licensing & Standards.

If you live in a multi-residential building, and pigeon activity is a nuisance to tenants, you should notify your property manager in writing.