On July 27, 2018, Toronto City Council created City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 417, Dust, to prevent the nuisance of dust, and to require mitigation measures for residential construction activities. This bylaw came into force on September 4, 2018.

Contact 311 to submit a service request, if you have a concern about dust, where a person (including a homeowner or company) fails to use one or a combination of the following dust control measures, that results in dust escaping a residential property (excluding multi-residential) and entering another premises as a result of residential construction activities:

  • wetting the construction material
  • using a wet saw
  • using dustless saw technology
  • tarping or otherwise containing the source of dust
  • installing wind fencing or a fence filter; or
  • using a vacuum attachment when cutting

Property owners, builders and contractors can also consult Toronto Building's Good Neighbour Guide for requirements, best practices and communication tips for Residential Infill Construction

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