A habitable room is defined in the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 629, Property Standards as: A room in a dwelling designed and lawfully used or capable of being lawfully used for living, sleeping, cooking or eating.

Number of People

The maximum number of persons living in a habitable room cannot exceed one person for each nine square metres of habitable room floor area.

Room Size

There are minimum size requirements for habitable rooms that are used for sleeping as follows:

For rooms used by only ONE person, the minimum floor area of a room used for sleeping shall be six square metres.

For rooms used by TWO or more persons, the minimum floor area of a room used for sleeping shall be four square metres for each person.

Rooms used for sleeping shall have no wall less than two metres in length.

Room Ceiling Height

Please note, the calculation is different if the room is used for sleeping. Any floor area under a ceiling that is less than 1.4 metres in height shall not be counted in computing the required minimum floor area of a room used for sleeping.

If you have concerns, please speak to the property owner. You should make your request in writing to the owner by completing a work order or a Standard Maintenance Request.

Important note: If you have concerns about occupancy standards in a home, contact 311 to submit a service request for investigation by Municipal Licensing & Standards.