Important note:  The City does not regulate where garbage is stored on private property.

Municipal Codes

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 629(22): - Garbage and debris storage and disposal:

  • requires that waste be in the proper containers, kept clean and the containers must be hard, have a lid and be rodent proof.  All garbage bags containing garbage shall be stored within an enclosed garage or in a covered receptacle.
  • requires that every garbage chute, garbage disposal room, garbage storage area, garbage container or receptacle be washed and disinfected as often as is necessary in order to maintain a clean and odour-free condition.
  • Additionally, the place for temporary storage and disposal of garbage and refuse must be kept in a litter-free and odour-free condition, maintained in a manner that will not attract pests, create a health or other hazard, or obstruct an emergency route, recreation facility, parking area, driveway or walkway.

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 548:

  • unless garbage is properly stored awaiting collection day, property owners are required to keep their yard and any other part of their property clean and free from accumulations of junk, refuse, litter, etc.

Order to Comply - Property Standards

Firewood storage

Firewood for domestic use may be stored in a rear yard if the area used for this storage is not more than 15% of the area of the rear yard. Furthermore, an individual is required to store firewood based on the following guidelines:

  1. Neatly piled not less than 300 millimetres from any lot line;
  2. Stored at a height of not less than 150 millimetres above grade; and
  3. Stored with a total height of not more than 1.5 metres.


"Hoarding" in it's general meaning is not a bylaw infraction unless it involves an accumulation of material that would be classified as waste and/or refuse. If such material is accumulated on property in a yard area ML&S will investigate in regard to the potential violation of the Litter Dumping & Refuse chapter of the Municipal Code- 548.

If the accumulation of waste or refuse is within a building not part of the actual dwelling unit(s), ML&S will investigate as a property standards issue.

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