Window safety devices are a mechanical safety device that is attached to windows and prevent them from opening more than 10 centimetres (four inches).

In every building containing 3 or more dwelling units (a.k.a. multiple-dwelling), every window and any part of which is capable of being opened, that does not lead to a balcony and that is located two metres or more above the finished grade of land upon which it faces, shall be equipped with a safety device to prevent the window opening more than 100 millimetres.

Note: window screens are not safety latches and do not provide safety for children. Window screens are designed only to keep insects out of apartments.

Window safety latches are available from hardware stores, window supply companies. There is no grant available to help pay for the cost of the window safety devices. The owner of the property (condo corporation in the case of a condominium) is required to pay for, install and maintain the safety devices in satisfactory working condition so that they function safely and effectively. For a rental unit, it is the responsibility of the unit occupant to make sure the window safety devices are not disabled after installation

Other Window Safety Tips

  1. Install window safety devices on all windows two metres (six and a half feet) above the ground. These devices keep windows from opening more than 10 centimetres (four inches).
  2. Place cribs, beds and other furniture away from the window.
  3. Do not rely on window screens to keep kids safe. Window screens are not strong enough to prevent kids from falling out of the window.
  4. Keep chairs and other objects that a child can climb on away from the railings of balconies.
  5. Always supervise a child on a balcony.

Visit the Safe Kids Canada website for more details and contact information.

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 629 (629-21)

Important note: If you have concerns about window safety latches, a service request can submitted for investigation by Municipal Licensing & Standards online at, or by calling 311.