There are no specific City bylaws that restrict the feeding of wildlife outside of a City park.

Feeding wildlife can be harmful to both people and animals. The City educates and warns residents first, but if this does not stop the behaviour, further action can be taken.

Municipal Licensing and Standards can investigate and bring charges against Toronto residents under the following sections of the City of Toronto Municipal Code:

Littering and Dumping
Chapter 548, Littering and Dumping, Section 548 - 3, makes it an offence for anyone to dump garbage including organic waste (including fresh, frozen, dried, cooked, prepared foods and leftovers) on any piece of land in Toronto.

Property Standards
Chapter 629, Property Standards, Sections 9, 10B and 22A, requires all yards and any other part of a private property be kept free from garbage, pests or conditions that may attract pests or constitute a health, fire or other hazard. Garbage that is kept on private property has to be stored in containers.

Chapter 548 Section 548 - 4, prohibits the dumping garbage on any land, except as required or permitted under commercial and residential waste bylaws. Section 548 -5, also requires the owner of land to immediately clear it.

If any of these conditions exist, contact 311 to submit a service request for investigation by Municipal Licensing & Standards.

For more information about Animal Services and wildlife, visit the City of Toronto website.  

There are also bylaws that require tenants to keep their balconies free of droppings, and bylaws relating to the keeping of pigeon coops.

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