The Property Standards Committee is a quasi-judicial body that hears appeals to orders issued by City Property Standards Officers for violations of certain Ontario Building Code and municipal by-law standards for residential, multiple residential and commercial properties.

The Committee is a local board of the City. It conducts itself in accordance with the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, and is also governed by the Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 629, "Property Standards".

The Property Standards Committee consists of 16 citizen members organized into four panels corresponding to the City's four service districts. Each panel consists of four members. Term of office is four years coincident with the term of Council.

The committee appoints from among its members a City-wide chair and a chair for each panel.

Committee members may also be called upon to serve as Fence Viewers, under the authority of the Line Fences Act, 1990, to arbitrate fence disputes between property owners (i.e., constructing, re-constructing or repairing). Fence viewers may hear evidence under oath.

Meetings of Fence Viewers are held when required.

The Property Standards Committee hearings are open to members of the public. If a member of the public would like to speak at a panel hearing, they can contact the secretary of the respective Panel for information. Hearings are held at the Civic Centre of the respective district:

Etobicoke York Panel - Etobicoke Civic Centre
North York Panel - North York Civic Centre
Scarborough Panel - Scarborough Civic Centre
Toronto and East York Panel - City Hall

Agendas, minutes, decision documents
Contact the secretary of the respective Hearing Panel of the Property Standards Committee for information on Agendas / Minutes / and Decision documents. If you request a hard copy, photocopying fees will apply.

Agenda information is also posted on the City's website.

An "Order to Comply" may be issued under the Ontario Building Code Act for any substandard Property Standard violation. It is a written legal document issued to a property owner(s) which outlines violations and the expectation for repairs to be made within a specified time.

However, once issued, property owners may exercise their right of appeal by writing a letter to the Property Standards Appeal Committee and submitting a non-refundable fee.

The processing fee is to be paid by cash, certified cheque or money order payable to Treasurer, City of Toronto. The Property Standards Committee staff can give you more information about filing an appeal.

To cancel or change a hearing date, call the Property Standards Committee for the respective district.