Notice:  Due to COVID and current lock down restrictions, all indoor pools are currently closed.

Toronto Public Health’s Guidance for Recreational Water Facilities

Pool Closures and Service Alerts (extended hours):

Outdoor pool opening dates
For more information on outdoor pool opening schedules, please visit the City of Toronto website.

Extended Hours
Select outdoor pools may extend their hours until 11:45pm on the third consecutive day of a Heat Warning (formerly known as an Extended Heat Warning), as issued by Environment Canada. The decision to extend outdoor pools will depend on forecasted active weather and availability of resources. 

10 City outdoor pools which will remain open until September 13, 2020 with the remainder closing as planned on Sunday, September 6, 2020:

The ten outdoor pools include:

  • Alex Duff, 779 Crawford St.
  • Donald D. Summerville, 1867 Lake Shore Blvd. E.
  • Heron Park, 292 Manse Rd.
  • Grandravine, 23 Grandravine Dr.
  • McGregor, 2231 Lawrence Ave. E.
  • Parkway Forest, 59 Forest Manor Rd.
  • Pine Point, 15 Grierson Rd.
  • Riverdale Park, 550 Broadview Ave.
  • Sunnyside-Gus Ryder, 1755 Lake Shore Blvd. W.      
  • West Mall, 370 The West Mall


Open and inclusive swim
This drop-in swim program is designed for clients seeking a swim incorporating all gender expressions and body types. Facility window blinds will remain closed during this program.

Admission: Prices

Outdoor Leisure Swimming/lane swim & Wading Pools: Free

All swim passes and punch cards are not transferable and can only be used by the individual who purchased them. They cannot be transferred to any other Parks, Forestry and Recreation program.

Lane (Distance) swim is a dedicated swim program for endurance and fitness swimming for participants 7 years of age or older who are able to swim lanes/circuits in accordance with directions prescribed at the facility. Participants 7 to 9 years of age must be able to pass the Facility Swim Test.

Free Program locations such as free lane swim can be found on the City website

Punch cards and passes are available at Community Centres and Civic Centres
All swim passes and punch cards are not transferable and non-refundable unless accompanied by a medical note.

Pool closures due to weather
Upon seeing lightning or hearing thunder, the pool must be cleared immediately. Outdoor aquatic site staff and patrons are to stay away from objects that conduct electricity, such as reaching poles and umbrellas and are to stay a minimum of 30 metres away from any wire fence. Patrons may return to the water 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or the last sight of lightning. For further information regarding the potential danger of lightening strikes, contact Environment Canada.

Rain Closures
If rain is forecast for the full day and it is raining at the scheduled time of opening, the pool will not open and will remain closed for the day. If it starts to rain at any time after the pool has opened, the pool may be closed for the rest of the day. When intermittent showers are forecast staff may stay at the pool to reopen after rain.

Lessons may operate during drizzling rain unless there is thunder and/or lightning.

The black disc must always be visible.

Closures due to rain are to be determined locally, as it may be raining in one part of the city and not in another.

Pool Temperature
All indoor pools are heated and the general range is 82F - 84F. This may fluctuate if heaters are turned off for maintenance. TDSB sites can be as low as 78F based on their operating policies.  Some sites might be kept slightly warmer to meet certain programming needs (e.g., high volume of programs for people who have arthritis).

The City has two solar-heated pools: Scarborough Centennial and Agincourt 

Cool Temperature Closures (neighbourhood outdoor pools):

  1. During cool weather, lessons will run as scheduled.
  2. If the forecast high for the day is 19 degrees C or lower, leisure swims will not operate and the pool is to be closed. If the pool has only leisure programs scheduled for the day, the pool will not open.
  3. If the temperature drops to 19 degrees C or lower during pool operations and there are no (more) lessons scheduled for the day and there has been no attendance for 30 minutes, the pool is to be closed and staff shall leave the pool.
  4. All closures are to be documented in the facility logbook (and district specific reporting procedures are to be followed)

Exceptions - these regional pools will stay open during cool weather for regular scheduled hours:

  • Alex Duff Memorial Park(Christie Pits)
  • D.D. Summerville
  • Alexandra Park
  • Kidstown
  • McGregor Park
  • North Toronto Memorial
  • Sunnyside - Gus Ryder
  • Pine Point

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