Outdoor Ovens can be reserved by groups hosting an event or program or by individuals for their own use. Call Client Services to find available locations and to provide your information.

Application timeline

  • Available all year from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Applications must be completed at least 1 week in advance of the booking date
  • Payment must be paid in full for the booking to be complete
    • Applicants must have general liability insurance naming the City of Toronto as an additional insured, with a minimum of $2 million coverage. If the applicant does not have this insurance, they may be able to purchase coverage through the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Customer Service Unit.
    • Pay the applicable social gathering fee to confirm your booking.

Be prepared

You must contact the local site supervisor to review any requirements for your booking. This includes:

  • what tools you’ll need
  • if any tools are available 
  • if staff need to be hired
  • how much firewood you’ll need and more.

Using the oven

At least one member of the group who attends the event must be trained on the proper use of an outdoor oven. You must meet this requirement by reading the Outdoor Oven in a City Park Training Guide. If you don't want to operate the oven at the event, you can hire staff at your own cost to operate the oven.  

If food will be serves and/or sold to members of the public, you must meet all safe food preparation and handling requirements set out by Toronto Public Health.  

Take a look at the General Terms & Conditions before heading to your event.