Parks, Forestry & Recreation will be using pesticide treatments in several parks and ravines across Toronto this season.  These treatments are to control invasive plants and trees that are taking over in some areas.  

Method: Licensed applicators are applying the pesticide directly on individual plants or 
patches. The entire treatment area is not broadcast sprayed. This selective method of control
ensures that damage to other desirable plants is minimized and that small quantities of
pesticide are used.

Notice: Warning signage will be posted 24 hours before treatment and is removed 48 hours following treatment, according to Ministry of Environment guidelines.

  • starting November 2, 2020 - Cummer Park
  • starting November 3, 2020 - Major Abbas Ali Park
  • starting November 18, 2020 - Ashtonbee Reservoir Park

Please visit the City of Toronto website for more information on Forest Management.

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