The Asian Long-Horned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), is a serious forest pest in its native Asia, has been found in Canada for the second time. An infestation of this invasive quarantine pest is one of the most difficult and complex forest health issues facing our urban forest and forests throughout southern Ontario and beyond.

ALHB is not a threat to human or animal health. It does, however, pose a great risk to Canada's hardwood forests and shade trees and is known to attack and kill healthy trees.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a Ministerial Order on December 3, 2013, which identified a new ALHB infestation and Regulated Area located in Mississauga and Toronto. This new infestation comes after a previous ALHB infestation located in Toronto and Vaughan had been successfully eradicated after ten years of intensive survey and the removal of roughly 28,500 trees. The Ministerial Order prohibits the movement of any woody material of the twelve genera of ALHB hosts and firewood of any species outside the Regulated Area without authorization from CFIA. Solid Waste Management Division of the City of Toronto has information for residents and businesses on the disposal of regulated articles located within the Regulated Area and provided Disco Transfer Station located at 120 Disco Road as a site for the disposal of Regulated Material.

CFIA's goal is to eliminate and prevent the spread of ALHB and the City of Toronto continues its partnership with CFIA to achieve this end.

For more information about the Asian Long-Horned Beetle, visit the section on the City of Toronto website. Visit, select Forest Health Care & Pests and then Asian Long-Horned Beetle infestation detected in Mississauga and Toronto.