Notice: All Urban Forestry services have resumed but they are being delivered differently. Service counters remain closed, however, applications continue to be reviewed and the City is processing permits, exception requests and payments. Contact your district office by email to make payment arrangements. Applications and exception requests can also be submitted by mail.

A permit is NOT required if a tree is confirmed by Urban Forestry staff to be: 100% dead or imminently hazardous: a destabilized or structurally compromised tree that is in imminent danger of causing damage or injury to life or property. If you suspect that a tree, regulated under either the City's Private Tree or Ravine and Natural Feature Protection by-laws, is creating an imminently hazardous situation you must request a Confirmation of Exemption from Urban Forestry before proceeding with corrective action.

Terminally diseased - Please note: There are various diseases that affect trees, however not all diseases will lead to the death of a tree. The intent of the bylaw is to exempt those trees that are terminally diseased in order to expedite removal to minimize risk to other trees and/or injury to persons or property. A permit is required for trees that are in poor condition.

Note: there is a separate process for Emerald Ash Borer infested trees, please refer to: Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

The quickest and easiest way to receive exemption confirmation is to submit an arborist report and digital photographs of the subject tree via email to the appropriate Tree Protection and Plan Review District office. Please put your address e.g., 123 Main St. as the subject heading of your email to expedite processing. Alternatively, you may mail or drop off in person your arborist report and photos to the appropriate district office.

Please do not fax photos. They transmit and print poorly and are generally not helpful in determining tree health. If Urban Forestry determines that a tree does not qualify for exemption, you will need to submit a complete permit application."

After you have had an independent Arborist evaluate the condition of a tree, you or your Arborist must arrange for an inspection by an officer under the Private Tree Bylaw.

The officer will confirm the assessment by your Arborist of the tree's condition and any exemption for a permit.

In your request, please include the name of the registered property owner and the Arborist Report (which includes the name of the Arborist or tree service company, the street address, the species and diameter of the tree, the location of the tree on the property and a detailed description of its condition including the reasons for removal).

Applications to Injure or Remove Trees on City or private property are available on the City website