The health of a tree is determined by evaluating the condition of the tree crown (which includes the size, colour and density of leaves, growth extension of twigs, bud set, etc) condition of the trunk and root system, the cultural growing condition present at the site and surrounding environment.

Please refer to the Forest Management section of the City of Toronto website for more information.

Urban Forestry will respond to callers and may investigate reports regarding the following tree pests (insects and diseases)

Urban Forestry staff will investigate reports of non-indigenous, introduced pests (IE. Oak wilt, LDD moth (European gypsy moth), Dutch elm disease, Emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle and others that present risks to our urban forest)

  • Staff will inspect the site and surrounding area for the presence of the reported pest in an attempt to positively identify it.
  • Staff will then assess the risk and potential impact to trees in the environment and if required will report the finding to the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency.
  • Urban Forestry does not have the authority nor the mandate to maintain privately-owned trees and does not treat private trees on an individual basis.
  • A service request for inspection of a City-owned tree can be submitted online at or by calling 311.

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