If You Own an Underground Oil Tank (this includes homeowners with oil furnaces but does not include tanks in basements):

  1. New regulations require all underground tanks to be registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) by May 1, 2002 or fuel oil will not be delivered to the tank.
  2. Underground tanks are required to be upgraded with specific leak and spill prevention equipment or removed.
  3. Upgrading requirements for underground tanks depend on the age of the tank

    Age of Underground Tank System in Years from Date of Installation
    25 and more (or unknown) - remove or upgrade by Oct. 1, 2006
    20-24 - remove or upgrade by Oct. 1, 2007
    10-19 - remove or upgrade by Oct. 1, 2008
    0-9 - remove or upgrade by Oct. 1, 2009
  4. Underground tanks that are 25 years and older,or of an unknown age,and not specially protected from corrosion were required to be
    removed by October 1, 2006.
  5. Underground tanks with a storage capacity greater than 5 000 litres will need to be leak tested annually.
  6. Unused underground tanks are required to be removed and any contamination cleaned.

Above ground fuel oil storage tanks
An existing above ground fuel oil tank is considered approved provided the tank was installed in accordance with the code at the time of installation. As long as the tank is not leaking, there is no age which a tank must be replaced.

Above ground tanks should be inspected at least once every 10 years. A comprehensive inspection should take place.

The supplier should perform a 1 year inspection prior to a fill.

Fuel oil is governed under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, and Ontario Regulations, 313/01. You can obtain a copy from the TSSA website at www.tssa.org.