The Marriage Act, a provincial statute, governs who may perform marriages in the Province of Ontario. Section 20 of the act states that only those who hold positions enumerated in Section 24, namely Judges and Judges of the Peace, or those who are licenced under Section 20 may perform marriages. Section 20 indicates that in order to be licenced one must be ordained or appointed according to the rites of the religious body which he is a member, or is deemed to be ordained or appointed according to the rules of that body, is duly recognized by that religious body to perform marriages. The person must also be a resident of Ontario or have a parish or pastoral charge in Ontario. The Registrar General is also entitled to grant to someone who is not resident and has no parish or pastoral charge a temporary registration.

There are other provisions where the religious group does not recognize individuals to perform marriages.

Marriage Officiants are registered through the Office of the Registrar General.

Marriage Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M.3