News Release - May 14, 2021: Toronto Public Health welcomes expanded dental care access for seniors

Notice: Due to COVID-19, The City of Toronto has cancelled most City-operated programs and closed a number of City facilities. The Dental Outreach Program is suspended at this time. 

Dental care providers are continuing to monitor COVID-19 to stop the spread in their communities and to carefully and gradually restart services under the Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO) Program. In person dental visits may still be limited in this time for the safety of dental care providers and HSO patients.

Select dental clinics will be open for emergency care only for eligible clients. Please contact the dental clinic directly for availability. 

Information on the City of Toronto's dental program is available on the City of Toronto website.

Provincial Programs
Free dental care is available to eligible children and youth (0-17) through the Healthy Smiles Ontario Program at any of the 25 City of Toronto dental clinics.

Adults (18-64) enrolled in Provincial and Federal programs such as Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB), Interim Federal Health Program (IFH) may access care at the 25 City of Toronto dental clinics as per plan coverage.

Mobile Dental Clinic (MDC)Toronto Public Health has a fully-equipped Mobile Dental Clinic( MDC). The mobile dental clinic will travel to select partnering community agency sites, across the city to provide free dental care for eligible clients who have difficulty accessing dental services in the customary manner.

City Programs
Free basic dental care is available to eligible seniors (65 years and older) and eligible pregnant women or caregivers enrolled in the HBP (Healthiest Babies Possible Program), HBHC (Healthy Babies, Healthy Children) Home Visiting Program or the NP (Nobody's Perfect Program) and must be referred by a Public Health Nurse, Dietitian or Family Home Visitor.

Low cost dental
If you are not eligible for free services, you may qualify for dental care at a reduced cost at another facility. Find a Low Cost Dental Facility.

For more information, call your nearest Public Health clinic. Staff will answer your specific questions and direct you to a local clinic that fits your needs.

To locate regular cost dental services, contact the Ontario Dental Association.

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