Improperly discarded needles and harm reduction supplies found in our communities have been identified as a concern. In an effort to promote community safety, Toronto Public Health, along with many City and community partners, has implemented a variety of measures to address this area. Visit the City of Toronto website for more information on Needle Safety. 

Needles found on or in:

  • City street allowance
  • City parks: Do not touch or try to remove the object - report it at once to the park supervisor. All needles, sharp objects (i.e. "sharps") and biohazards found in City parks and facilities are to be removed as soon as possible since the risk they pose to Patrons and Staff is considerable. Contact 311 to be connected with the park supervisor.
  • School property: Custodial staff check school property every morning for needles. If a needle is found they pick it up, place it in a sharps container and retain it in a safe location. The school board coordinates the collection of all sharps containers, from all schools, for proper disposal. If the needle is found during the day, report to the School Principal in the main office. If the needle is found after hours, call the School Boards After Hours or Emergency Number:
  • Private property (this includes apartments, commercial buildings)
    are responsible for disposal of sharps found on their residential property.
    Property management of an apartment building/commercial building is responsible for picking up and disposing of discarded sharps found on the property.

Residents can take the used needles or syringes to a Household Hazardous Waste Depot or to some local pharmacies participating in the Health Steward program.

Note: The City of Toronto will only collect needles from City property.  If needles are found off City property, then Toronto Public Health can advise of safe handling and disposal methods.