• Parking Tag Customer Service phone line is operational as of September 28, 2020 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. 
  • Parking violation operations, including issuing tickets, payment processing, and the electronic dispute process, will continue.
  • Parking violation payments must be paid by the deadline noted on the ticket. In-person payment at civic centre Inquiry & Payment Counters is suspended. Payments can be made online or via mail.
  • All in-person Administrative Penalties Offices are closed. Parking violations can be disputed online.
  • The APS Inquiry line 416-397-4APS(4277) is not being monitored.
  • account is being monitored however responses may be delayed.
  • For Plate Denial issues at the Ministry, please e-mail and provide detailed information such as the Parking Violation Number, or license plate information.

Collection Process For Parking Violations

Inquiries regarding plate denial matters should be sent to

Parking Ticket Disputes (New Dispute Process) can be found on the City of Toronto website.

For disputes prior to August 28, 2017:

  • The back of your Parking Infraction Notice or Notice of Impending Conviction advises you of the dispute process.
  • Within the time specified (15-30 days from the time the ticket was issued), you or your agent must bring the notice personally to one of the parking tag locations (FAF).
  • You can discuss your concerns with the clerk at the counter. If you concerns /dispute cannot be resolved at this point, you may request a trial by completing a Notice of Intention to Appear in Court and presenting it to the counter clerk.
  • The trial date will be scheduled and a Notice of Trial will be mailed to the defendant approximately 75 days after the infraction date.
  • During that 75-day period, notices will be mailed where required by law, Certificates of Ownership will be requested and obtained from the Ministry of Transportation, all documentation relating to your case will be gathered and a visual review of the all the documents will be conducted to ensure that all requirements have been met. Once completed, the documents are filed and proceedings begin.
  • Persons with disabilities who live more than 100 kilometres from the City of Toronto, whose vehicle was stolen or who are holders of valid permits for parking in a designated parking spot may call Parking Tag Operations for assistance in dealing with a parking infraction notice. Do not take the notice to a Toronto police station.
  • In the event that you are not able to attend the First Appearance Facility personally, you have the option of sending someone to appear on your behalf.
  • With Ontario drivers, the "certified label" information is readily available as all Ontario licence plates are registered on the Ministry database.
  • However, for out-of-province offenders, the ownership information is not available and without it being submitted with the proper documentation (i.e. "certified label") to the courts, a trial cannot be held. Hence, any offender from out-of-province cannot dispute a ticket through conventional means and as a result, must either pay the ticket or, where they opt not to pay, may be subject to towing if they amass 3-or-more parking tickets.

Parking Ticket look-up: Revenue Services has recently launched a new Parking Ticket look-up feature on their website. The Parking Ticket look-up is a convenient way to review your City of Toronto parking tickets anytime  Details include ticket status, infraction type, amount due, status of trial requests and court dates.
Note: This is a summary of your parking tickets at the time of access and may not reflect recent updates. The parking ticket look-up is not an official record and should only be used as a guideline.

Payment methods for Parking Tags (tickets) for tickets that were issued in the City of Toronto

  1. Online - by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express
  2. In person at a Regional First Appearance Facility (FAF) - cash, cheque, travellers cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or debit card
  3. Mail - by cheque or money order

Note: An administrative fee for each infraction will be applied for phone and online payments.

For information on pre-payment of a fine, please visit the City of Toronto's website.

Parking ticket court summary:
A "parking ticket court summary" is a print out of paid/outstanding parking tickets that can be requested at one of the City's Parking Tag office counters. There is a charge of $1 per print. A parking ticket court summary is normally used for reopening tickets. Alternatively, there is also another listing that can be printed which displays all paid/owing tickets.

Time to resolve a parking investigation once request has been faxed/received by the investigation unit:
Approximately 7 business days. They rely on the internal mail system to send requests to different city agencies/departments, depending on the situation surrounding the tagging of the requester.

Proof of payment/cancellation for parking tickets, information on lost ticket:
See the City of Toronto's website for information regarding parking tag dispute information and in person counter locations.

Request an extension to pay parking tags or re-openings on parking matters:
You need to get a printout of all your outstanding tickets at any of the 4 parking tag locations.

Note: There is a charge for each parking ticket printout ($1.00). Once you have all the printouts, take them to Ontario Court (Provincial Division - POA Court Offices). There you can discuss this with the justice of the peace to arrange payment.

Outstanding tickets on vehicle:
Speak to Parking Tags Operations staff, be sure to have proof of vehicle ownership.
The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) precludes the City of Toronto's Parking Tag Operation from releasing information regarding outstanding parking tickets of a vehicle to anyone except the property owner or their authorized agent.  

Note:If this was a rental car, contact the Rental Car company for further information, since only the registered owner or authorized agent can initiate any request for information or trial.

Parking Tickets on a rental car or car-share vehicle
Always review the lease agreement for clarification on how to deal with a parking ticket when received while driving a rental car or a car-share vehicle.  

Charged twice for a parking infraction for a rental vehicle:
When a payment is received for a parking infraction, Parking Tags Operations does not record who made the payment, only that a payment has been received. Ordinarily, when a duplicate payment has been received for a parking infraction on a rental vehicle, the City will refund the extra payment to the rental company. Customers are advised to seek reimbursement from the car rental company as they often charge an administrative fee for having paid the parking infraction on the customer's behalf, which the City of Toronto will not reimburse.

FOI Request
If you are interested, you can make a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request to the City of Toronto's Corporate Access and Privacy Unit. The office is the official point of contact for those wishing to make a formal request for access to information held by the City of Toronto. For further information on making an FOI request, please contact the City's Corporate Access and Privacy Unit. Parking Tags Unit is precluded from releasing confidential information or acting upon requests from third parties without expressed written consent from the registered owner.

Additional Info

  1. All our Parking Tags offices are wheelchair accessible.
  2. The City of Toronto in co-operation with Toronto Parking Enforcement began using wireless handheld writers to issue computer generated parking tickets on July 24, 2006.
  3. You cannot pay your parking tag at a bank because the paper used in the issuance of parking infraction notices using the new handheld technology is not compliant with financial institutions' Canadian Payment Association (CPA) processing machinery. The City of Toronto and other municipalities using the same technology are working with financial institutions and the paper manufacturer to find a solution to make the ticket stock compliant with the CPA processing machinery.
  4. Sometimes parking tickets are removed from the vehicle or blown away by the wind , thus the City of Toronto, issues a Notice of Impending Conviction (NIC) 15-30 days after the offence date to remind the owner/operator that there is an outstanding parking ticket.

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