The Mission of the SPIDER program is to support participating City Divisions to develop coordinated, interdivisional responses to complex and unresolved health and safety risks that involve vulnerable Torontonians, their homes or property, and their neighbours.

These risk situations may include, but not limited to, possession of animals, multiple property standards and fire code violations, dilapidated living conditions; accumulation of refuse, environmental and odour issues, bed bugs and other pest infestations.

Such situations are often extremely difficult to resolve and recurrence rates are high. Yet, if left unresolved, these situations can lead to catastrophic consequences for individuals and whole communities.

The probability of requiring targeted enforcement, eviction, and/or other emergency response is high.

Only a participating division at the SPIDER Situation table can nominate a Situation for review by the SPIDER Situation table. The Table is intended to act as an internal mechanism to further support Divisions to develop comprehensive and coordinated response to complex health and safety risk situations and does not supersede normal service standards for any participating Divisions.

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