Garbage and Recycle bins in City parks are emptied on a regular basis.

Contact 311 to submit a service request to report the following issues with litter and recycling bins in City of Toronto parks (except for Toronto Island Park) :

  • Bin Removal/ relocation
  • Graffiti on a bin
  • Installation of a bin
  • Overflowing litter or recycling bins; or
  • Request a new bin
  • Missing bins
  • Damaged bins


  • Solid Waste Management does not take requests for green bin installations in City parks
  • There are two types of litter bins in City parks, the plastic automated litter and recycling bins and the wire basket type of litter bins. Wire basket litter bins are normally located in the interior of the park and are the responsibility of the Parks, Forestry & Recreation Supervisor. Solid Waste Management only collects the plastic automated garbage and recycling bins on wheels.
  • Don Valley Brickworks off-leash park: the bins that are in the fenced in dog area are maintained by the Humane Society, they take the bags out of the bins and they place them out for collection by the Parks litter bins staff.
  • During the winter months, some park litter bins may be removed due to the fact that these bins cannot be serviced during this period. These bins are not missing but are temporarily stored/relocated elsewhere and will be reinstalled in the spring.

To report litter on the ground, or overflowing Parks litter baskets in a City of Toronto Park, please contact 311 to be referred to the appropriate Parks, Forestry & Recreation Supervisor.

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