We ask that you try your current bin out for several collection cycles to confirm if you really need to make a change.

A service request to exchange a garbage or recycling bin can be submitted online at: http://www.toronto.ca/311/, or call 311.

  • Your bin will normally be exchanged on your collection day, but;
  • If your bin is not exchanged on the  collection day following your request for exchange, move your bin to your private property (do not leave it at the curb) so that it is visible to the crews making the exchange.
  • A crew will make a 2nd attempt to exchange the bin within 5 business days of the first attempt
  • Crews will make 2 attempts to exchange the bin. If the contractor is unsuccessful, a yellow notice will be left behind for each attempt. If you have received 2 yellow notices, please contact 311 to submit a new service request.
  • If the bin delivery contractor arrives to exchange the bin before collection occurs and the bin is full, the contractor is instructed to place any materials into the new bin for collection to still occur and complete the bin exchange. In the event there is more material than will fit into the new bin, the contractor is instructed to place this overflow material into bags for collection and place beside the new bin. For garbage, a specialized bag tag (green overflow sticker) will be placed on the bag to notify collection crews that it is eligible for collection.

    Note: it may take more than one collection cycle for the bin to be exchanged. Example - if you contacted 311 today to request a garbage bin exchange and your garbage collection day is today or tomorrow, your bin will not be exchanged on this cycle, the first opportunity for exchange will be on your next collection day in 2 weeks.

Important: In order to proceed with submitting a service request, ensure you have the serial # from the garbage/recycle bin located on the front of the bin, (Examples of garbage bin serial #65G###### and recycle bin serial #35R######), place this number in your service request to identify the bin. The contractor will confirm the bin belongs to you before the bin may be exchanged/replaced.

Bin exchange:

  • There is no exchange fee to downsize your Garbage or Recycling Bin
  • There is no exchange fee to upsize your Recycling Bin
  • The 2019 fee to up-size your Garbage Bin is $23.93 (this is charged each time you up-size your garbage bin). Please note that this garbage bin exchange fee may vary from year to year.
  • Garbage Bin exchanges may only be requested by the person who's name appears on the utility bill.
  • Recycling Bin exchanges may be requested by the person who's name appears on the utility bill or if you reside at the address.

Addresses with laneway collections - Bin Exchanges/Repairs
: for residential and RUAC properties - if you normally receive collection in a laneway, place your bin at the front of your property for bin exchanges/repairs. If your bin was missed for collection due to the repair/ exchange, please call 311 to submit a service request or create it online at http://www.toronto.ca/311/.  

Exchange process for Residential Units Above Commercial (RUAC):

  • Owner/agents calling where they do not have "private property" to leave the bin out where it's visible and accessible for repair/replacement/exchange.
  • The bin must be visible and accessible from street line for the crew to repair the bin (please note laneway instructions above). Bins cannot be left out on City property for more than 24 hours. For RUAC Night collections leave the bin out the day following your collection night (i.e.: 7:00 am. to 7:00 pm.) for the contractor to exchange. All Bin exchanges are done on the collection day. If the exchange does not take place follow the exchange process above for single-family residential.
  • There is no fee charged to replace the bin with the properly ordered size.

Recycling Bin upsizing - can be requested by the person whose name appears on the utility bill or if you reside at the address.

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