The Green Lane Landfill site is located in Part of Lots 21, 22 and 23, Concession 3, north of Highway 401, in Southwold Township, Elgin County. Located between the cities of St. Thomas and London, the 129.7 ha Site (of which 71.2 ha is currently approved for landfill) was established in 1978.

The City of Toronto purchased the Green Lane Landfill as of April 2007 from St. Thomas Sanitary Collection Service Limited Partnership for approximately $220 million.


  • Site Number: Amended Environmental Compliance (ECA) Number A051601.
  • Tipping Fees: Can vary depending on waste type.
  • Service Area: Ontario
  • Type of waste accepted: Only solid, non-hazardous waste.
  • Annual Capacity: Pursuant to the ECA, up to 1.1 million tonnes per year.
  • Life Span of Site/Fill Date: Operating site life is based on air space. As of end of 2016, there was approximately 9.95 million cubic metres of waste/daily cover air space remaining.
  • Annual Waste Volume: In 2016, a total of 552,563 tonnes of waste were disposed of at Green Lane Landfill.