Polyethylene film plastic bags are accepted in the City's blue bin recycling program where they are separated (using hand sorting and a vacuum system) from the rest of the commodities (glass, metals, paper, other plastics). Film plastics are then baled and shipped to re-processors where they are converted into flake and pellets that can be used to produce new film plastic products. The City accepts all types of polyethylene film plastics in the blue bin recycling program. Please see What goes in the blue bin & prohibited items for more details.

Polyethylene film plastic bags containing organic waste are accepted in the City's Green Bin Organics Program to facilitate ease of use of the program by the resident. At the City's organics processing facilities the film plastic bags are removed in the pre-processing system and ultimately shipped to landfill as part of the residue stream. Once film plastics have contained organic waste, they are too contaminated to be recycled. Biodegradable and compostable film plastic bags behave no differently than polyethylene film plastic bags in the organics processing facilities (i.e. they are removed in the pre-processing step and shipped to landfill). Therefore, there is no benefit to using biodegradable or compostable bags in the City's Green Bin program.  The City does not compost its Green Bin material, it anaerobically digests the material.