Notice: Regulated area for the Asian Long-horned beetle is still in effect in Mississauga and Toronto.

Following the recent detection of Asian long-horned beetle in an industrial area near Pearson International Airport, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has established a regulated area in Mississauga and Toronto at part of its plans to eliminate the pest.

Etobicoke regulated area includes:

  • North boundary: Finch
  • East boundary: Martin Grove
  • South boundary: Highway 401
  • West boundary: HWY 427

Presence of Asian long-horned beetle impacts wood/yard waste removal

For further information visit the City of Toronto website

To view a map of the regulated area, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

The quarantine for the area below was lifted by the CFIA effective April 5, 2013.

  • North boundary: Steeles Ave
  • West boundary: Hwy. 27
  • East boundary: Dufferin Street
  • South boundary: 409/401

Disposal of any ash materialPresently, any ash material that meets the criteria for yard waste will be collected during regularly-scheduled pick-ups for Solid Waste.

  • Disco Transfer Station will accept the infected body wood that originates inside the ALHB quarantine area ONLY, length and width do not apply in this case.
  • Branches and body wood (stumps, logs etc.) over 7.5 cm (3 in.) in diameter - this type of waste is not collected at the curbside nor is it accepted at any of the City of Toronto Transfer Station. For stumps and branches of this size, please make arrangements with a private company specializing in handling this type of waste.
  • Lumber/wood: in order to dispose of lumber/wood (including railway ties) at Transfer Stations, pieces cannot be greater than 1.2 metres (four feet) in length (lumber can be any width or height ie, 2X4's, 4X4's, 8X8's etc., provided the length is not greater than 1.2 metres).

Can also be disposed of at transfer stations (Recycling fees apply for yard waste only) Garbage fees apply to lumber and wood waste.  Material collected outside of the ALHB borders should not be delivered to Disco Transfer Station.  This material should be taken to one of the other 6 City Transfer Stations.  A list of drop-off locations/Transfer Stations can be found on the City of Toronto website.

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