Bike racks can hold up to two bikes. The racks, designed for easy loading and unloading, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You pay your regular fare, but your bike rides for free.

Bikes can be loaded at any time of day onto the rack from the curb side. Conventional two-wheeled bicycles are allowed on Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bike racks (wheels at least 41 cm [16 inches]). Tricycles and motorized bicycles are not permitted, nor are bikes with child carriers or trailers.

During off-peak periods, if the rack is full, the bus operator may allow you to bring your bike on board, if space permits. During peak periods, if the rack is full, you have to wait for the next bike rack equipped bus.

Children 12 years of age or under must be accompanied by an adult in order to use the bike racks.

Loading and unloading bikes


  1. Before the bus arrives, secure or remove any loose items from your bike. Wait for the bus on the sidewalk. Alert the bus operator that you want to load your bike.
  2. While holding your bike with one hand, squeeze the handle to release the latch and lower the rack.
  3. Load your bike from the front or sidewalk side of the bus. Place the wheels in the wheel slots. A label tells you where the front wheel goes.
  4. Steady the bike, and raise the support arm over the front tire as high as it will go, but not over the frame or fender. You are responsible for properly securing your bike to the rack.

Please sit or stand near the front of the bus, to keep your bike in view, and alert the operator one stop before your intended destination. Exit through the front doors and make sure the operator sees you before you step off the curb to unload your bike.

Bikes are not to be locked to the bike rack or bus, but the bike's front wheel may be locked to the bike frame before the bus arrives.


  1. To unload your bike, raise the support arm off the tire and move it down and out of the way.
  2. Lift your bike from the rack.
  3. If the rack is empty, and no one else is waiting to load a bike, fold up the rack until it locks in place.
  4. Carry your bike off the roadway to the sidewalk. Signal to the operator that you are clear of the bus.

You cannot ride your bike on any roadway within subway stations.

Bus routes with bike racks

A list of the routes where buses have bike racks can be found on the TTC website.
The program's expansion plan includes bike racks on the entire bus fleet by the end of 2010.