The TRCA in partnership with the City of Toronto manages the Mute Swan and Canada Goose population on the Toronto waterfront.

Typically the eggs are sprayed with a oil to prevent any development. In the Queens Quay area nests are removed all together as residents provide nesting material by leaving straw next to the swan and bags of old bread.

The Queens Quay area is every two weeks for Mute Swan and Canada Goose nests.

Why Mute Swan eggs are oiled:

Mute Swan eggs are included in the Canada Goose egg oiling program. The Mute Swans are included in the Waterfowl Management Egg Oiling Program for three main reasons:

1. The Mute Swan is a non-native, exotic species whose numbers have been steadily increasing over the last decade according to Canadian Wildlife Service surveys;
2. The Mute Swan seriously impedes the lengthy and costly restoration work completed in many wetland areas across the GTA; and
3. Mute Swans damage existing habitat, are very aggressive and disrupt native waterfowl and other wildlife species that are less common and more sensitive to disturbance.

The ecological benefits of stabilizing the Mute Swan population must be considered. An annual Mute Swan egg oiling program will not overly affect the existing opportunities for public viewing or appreciation; however it will slow the continuing population increase and distribution of the species into additional waterfront habitats. Further, the Mute Swans appear to be more resistant to nest predation. Therefore, it is important that the egg oiling/nest removal program continue as the Mute Swan's current population is at a level where it can be controlled with minimal cost and effort.

Canadian Wildlife Service biologists have been consulted and they are supportive in continuing the Mute Swan Oiling Program.

For goose control on private property:
Danny Moro, Project Manager,
Restoration and Environmental Monitoring Projects,
Restoration Services Division,
Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Phone: 416-661-6600 Ext. 5372

For goose control on city property please see the contact list below.