Notice: All Toronto Building services have resumed, however,Toronto Building offices are closed at this time.

A Building Permit is not required to widen your driveway; however, zoning regulations and/or site plan control may impose restrictions on the width and location of your driveway.

If you want to widen your driveway you must first visit your district Toronto Building Office to obtain zoning information to ensure that your proposal to widen your driveway complies with the zoning bylaw.

You can apply for a Preliminary Project Review (PPR). For further information visit the City of Toronto website or visit your district Toronto Building Office.

Once you have ensured that you will comply with the zoning regulations, you will need to apply for a permit with Transportation Services, Right-of-Way Management, for the portion of the driveway on City property.

If you wish to make a complaint about a driveway widening please see: Bylaw enforcement - driveway widening

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