What is a Community Paramedic?
A Community Paramedic is a certified Toronto Paramedic with specialized training to assist people in managing their health and social problems. Community Paramedics will always be in a Paramedic Services uniform and will have City of Toronto & Ministry of Health identification. Upon request, Community Paramedics will provide you with their business card.

Why is a Community Paramedic visiting me?
You may have used Paramedic Services in the past or another agency may be concerned about you; the Community Paramedic is following up to make sure you have the help and supports you need.

The Community Paramedic will never ask for money or try to sell you something.

What will happen during a Home Visit?

The Community Paramedic may:

  • Ask about your health & social conditions
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Check your mobility
  • Review your medications
  • Look around your home for any hazards

In Case of Emergency (ICE) - Medical Information Sheet
An “In Case of Emergency” information sheet allows you to provide important medical details for paramedics and hospital staff should the need arise. These sheets are easy to read and provide critical information to healthcare providers at a time when communication may be hindered due to illness or language barriers. The ICE sheet is available in several languages and may be found on the City of Toronto website.

How will the Community Paramedic help me?

The Community Paramedic may:

  • Connect you to health and community agencies
  • Assist you with applying for certain types of assistance
  • Provide you with information on how to access services
  • Help you follow up on your medical problems

What about my personal information?
All of your information and details are treated as private and confidential. Community Paramedics use secure methods to collect and store your information. Your consent is required before your information can be shared or any referral is made.

Do I have to talk to the Community Paramedic?
No. The visit is a courtesy to ensure you are healthy and safe. If the visit is not convenient, you can ask the Community Paramedic to come back at another time. If you do not want to speak to the Community Paramedic, you can simply decline.