Sewer discharge permits/agreements

Sewer discharge permits/agreements are issued by the Environmental Monitoring & Protection Unit of Toronto Water.

As per the Sewers By-law, in order to issue a discharge approval for the discharge of private water, such as (but not limited to):

  • groundwater (dewatering)
  • surface water
  • rainwater (mixed with construction material)
  • stormwater¬†(mixed with construction material)
  • construction dewatering
  • contaminated water

Discharge to a City storm or sanitary/combined sewer via a catchbasin and/or maintenance access hole, information relating to the water quality and quantity of the discharge must be provided to Toronto Water. It is strongly recommend that the applicant provide this information eight to twelve weeks prior to the proposed start of operations using the Private Water Discharge Approval Application.

Information provided by the applicant will be reviewed for issues of water quantity and quality as it relates to the discharge by-law limits for storm and sanitary/combined sewers. Environmental by-law officers check for compliance with the conditions set out in the issued permit/agreement.

Any discharge of private water into the City sewage works without a permit/agreement is considered to be non-compliant with the Sewers By-law and a notice of violation may be issued.

The application can be found on the City website: