To request a water service turn on or off, you can schedule an appointment online at . If this is an emergency water turn off request, please call 311 and we will ensure the issue is given the highest priority.

For Turn On:

  • Appointments are available within four hour time blocks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. City staff will arrive within the four hour time block selected.

For Turn Off: 

  • Appointments are available within four hour time blocks between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday to Sunday. City staff will arrive within the four hour time block selected.

In order to make a request:

  • You must agree to the fee
  • Someone over the age of 18 must be on site during the appointment
  • You must be the property owner/manager, superintendent or contractor making this request. If you are a contractor, you must notify the homeowner first. Contractors must provide complete details about their company, and the request
  • In emergencies, if homeowner is not at home, reports will be taken from others (i.e. a neighbour reporting water coming from another home)
  • If you are scheduling a water service turn off, you must schedule a turn on at the same time

Note:  this request is not for a water meter removal

Reasons for water turn on/off:

  • Extended vacations, etc.
  • Repairs/renovations to home/building
  • Work on sprinkler system

Toronto Water will NOT turn off water for landlord/tenant disputes.

Fee: Per turn (the fee will be charged for a turn on & again for a turn off) - the fee will be added to your water bill. 

Important Notes:

  • The turn on fee will be waived if water turn on or turn off requests are made within 30 minutes of each other and staff have not left the property
  • Property owners will not be required to pay the fee if the water is turned off to fix a leak on City property
  • When installing a new water service pipe:
    • If staff turn the water on immediately after the new pipe is connected to the City’s water supply, property owners will not be charged the water turn on fee
    • Should you request the water supply remain off until a later date, you will be charged the turn on fee for staff to return to the home.

Important information regarding Solid Waste bins: If you are turning off your water services due to home renovation or demolition, and require a decreased level of solid waste collection services or no solid waste collection services for a period of time, please see the following information at: Garbage collection - opting in - opting our of City collection - cancel service

If you require a water meter removal prior to demolition, you do not need to request a water turn off, see: Water meter - removal - demolition

Water turn on/off fee disputes:

  • If you have a dispute about charges for a water turn-on or turn-off, on your bill (i.e. double charge, charged for a service not received) please contact 311 and you will be connected with Toronto Water staff who can investigate the charges.  

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